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In times of confinement, how do we help our seniors?

In times of confinement, how do we help our seniors?

How can the elderly in a period of confinement keep a social link without leaving home?

Usually we encourage our seniors to go out and see people, but today temporarily this is no longer possible our seniors must remain isolated and this can be particularly hard to accept psychologically.

Fortunately, to avoid social isolation and to stay in touch, several ideas can be put in place:

Call your senior 1 to 2 times a day, by phone, Facetime, Messenger, Skype, Whatsapp...The calls can also be made by other family members such as children, grandchildren, brother and sister, cousins...

If the elderly person has some skills with his computer, you can remotely take control of his computer to install games and activities. Odette, 85 years old, plays Scrabble every day with her 17 year old granddaughter and also with other people on the internet.

Why not like in the good old days, you can also send by mail a letter, a postcard, a drawing, a photo, an article of newspaper or magazine funny and instructive.

Prepare some culinary delights for them and send them to their residence if possible according to the guidelines of the institutions.

We can see that, in the current context, a certain solidarity is being established. We really need to learn from this, once the crisis is over: be a little less materialistic, think more about our elders by taking the time to visit them, to walk with them, to listen to their needs, to call them and even to add a reminder to your calendar, to give meaning to our lives

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