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Laughter in the lives of seniors

Laughter in the lives of seniors

The world is serious and sometimes we take ourselves very seriously.

Notice how people react to a baby! They have fun, they communicate by looking, touching, talking and smiling on their faces. They reach out to touch that soft little hand and, eye-to-eye, they say "you're cute". Babies are vulnerable because they haven't learned to judge, their smile is just natural, we know they won't reject us.

We love them! Their laughter is really communicative, they make us feel good. These little ones show us the importance of laughing.

This little baby, real or not, like robotic pets, makes us smile, soothes people with neurocognitive disorders such as Alzheimer's. It reduces anxiety, and helps us understand the importance of our lives.

It helps reduce anxiety, but still faces prejudice.

Moreover, rocking a baby is beneficial because from birth, mothers all over the world rock their babies in their arms, on a swing, or in a rocking chair. The benefits seem obvious for babies, but are even more obvious for the elderly.

Rocking can be an important contribution to the well-being of the elderly. By offering a "non-passive" rocking that solicits the muscles of the legs, it allows a gentle physical activity of the lower limbs.

Frequent use of a rocking chair improves balance, blood circulation, reduces anxiety and depression. This gentle repetitive motion has a calming effect on all humans in this world.

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