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at home and in accommodation

Take care of yourself,
it's taking care of each other!

Your health is important and the need for rejuvenation is quite commendable.

We contribute to the well-being and quality of life of natural caregivers, by offering  a respite service to allow them to recharge their batteries, go about other occupations or simply go on vacation._cc781905- 5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Whether it is for a few hours of respite per week or even full days, we can take over. We also offer emergency or breakdown services, on an ad hoc basis and as needed.

Services d'accompagnement en CHSLD pour les proches aidants et résidents à Montréal et sur la rive-sud


Our team of companions is trained to provide support and companionship to residents. They offer various activities adapted to the cognitive and physical abilities of residents, including:

  • Cognitive stimulation :
    Games, puzzles, and thinking activities to maintain mental faculties and stimulate memory.

  • Musical activity :
    Musical activity can boost memory, mood and contribute to general well-being.

  • Exercise program & Brain Gym:
    Gentle exercise session to maintain mobility and promote physical well-being.

  • Outdoor walk:
    Regular outings to gardens and secure outdoor spaces to enjoy the fresh air.

  • Meal assistance:
    Personalized assistance to ensure a balanced and enjoyable diet.

  • Walking aid:
    Attentive support during travel to guarantee safety and comfort.

  • Snoezelen:
    Multisensory approach to create a relaxing and calming environment.

  • Communication support:
    Facilitating the use of FaceTime, Telephone, Messenger and other means of communication to maintain links with loved ones.


At HUMA, we are inspired by the HUMANITUDE philosophy, centered on respect and dignity of each individual. We firmly believe that every gesture must reflect our commitment to the well-being and respect of residents.

HUMA, your trusted partner for support and well-being in CHSLDs in Montreal and on the South Shore.

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