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However, I would like to underline Chantal's dedication and warm presence. His presence brought happiness to my aunt during her last months of life. Chantale is a woman of heart and my aunt considered her a niece. Judith

The presence of your team with our mother in the last months of her life was an absolute comfort for her but also for us, of course.

More than an accompaniment to the care of daily life or supervision during the night, your team has generously and benevolently lavished goodness and happiness in abundance. from Nancy or the affectionate hugs of each other, all contributed to soothe his suffering and to make him laugh again and again.... Although faced with the inescapable reality, these good times were an infinitely precious gift and this, fully aware of the purpose.

The presence of your team protected us  from exhaustion because we could finally be confident with reliable people. For your generosity, your complicity and your HUMANITUDE, we express our infinite gratitude to you. Magdalene

A word to tell you that I was personally touched by the care given to my brother-in-law Michel at the Résidence de St Lambert.

Having been in contact with some of the guides, Chantal, Guillaume, Raya. Dalila, I could see, feel all the human warmth that emanated from these people, and I would say that I perceived tenderness on their part for Michel and all this was done in all sincerity.

The true stars of Life are not quoted and seen at every moment of the day...they radiate on another plane, a plane that touches the soul at the moment when it needs it most.

Thank you to all of you, you brought us comfort by giving Michel invaluable care.

My sister Monique also has a very high regard for you all.

May you continue your beautiful work, the world needs love. 


"When  my mother's Alzheimer's disease progressed, she was there in body but her mind was gone, which requires constant presence. Supported by the team  dedicated and passionate about Huma were able to keep mom  at home." Francine

“You are a team of hearts, full of little touches.” Mrs. Otis

“Thank you Huma for making a difference in our lives.”

"A word to tell you that I was personally touched by the care given to my brother-in-law Michel Ringuette at the Résidence de St Lambert." Raymonde

''Thanks to your unwavering support, Mamie remained at home almost throughout the process; something absolutely unthinkable without Huma and the quality of your services.'' Madeleine

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