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Bereavement and loss of autonomy in the elderly

Bereavement and loss of autonomy in the elderly

Stages of life that require support resources.

To live is also to die a little!

And this reality is all the more striking in the daily lives of seniors. Grief affects many aspects of their lives.

Of course, the simple fact of growing old gradually confronts them with certain limitations, which have direct repercussions within their environment, notably memory loss, difficulties in running errands, doing housework or simply getting around.

However, it sometimes happens that the person is abruptly confronted with the loss of these capacities due to the disease. This results in a succession of bereavements for which the person and his or her entourage, the family caregivers, feel completely helpless.

Unfortunately, in the long term, the loss of abilities sometimes leads to the need to move. Whether it is to a private residence, a CHSLD or an intergenerational home,

It is all the same associated with a new mourning:

That of having to leave one's living environment filled with memories. This change will bring about insecurity and anxiety for which the family and caregivers, already stretched to the limit, will have to redouble their efforts in order to support the senior in this new stage of her life.

It is also important to take in anger or sadness about a person they once knew as strong and independent so that they can intervene to support them in the various stages of their mutual mourning with more serenity. It is therefore wise to call on organizations or companies that specialize in helping seniors and caregivers.

Although still few in number in Quebec, companies such as Services HUMA located on the South Shore and in Montreal offer a wide range of resources through professional staff dedicated to support (help with hygiene, meals, housekeeping and even leisure activities and outdoor walks). Some specialized organizations affiliated with the CIUSS (Centre intégré de santé et services sociaux) also offer various services for seniors.

Bereavement is certainly a part of life and it is important that everyone be respected in the various stages they face.

Whether you are a senior, a caregiver, or a friend of a senior, do not hesitate to seek help to accompany you in your grieving process.

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