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The confinement of the elderly

le déconfinement des personnes agées

"The impacts of deconfinement in our seniors!"

A sedentary lifestyle is hurting us! And the night, for many involves sleeping. Thus, in March, the worldwide pandemic related to Covid-19 imposed a time out, a momentary sleepiness of all parts of society.

In the general population, but particularly in the aging population, this time of isolation may have taken its toll both physically and mentally. To understand the issues, one must realize that a sedentary lifestyle is detrimental, while exercise is beneficial, and more so in the elderly.

Along with deconfinement (a word that used to be rarely used) one of the best revitalizers right now is to simply take a walk and practice smiling behind your mask while offering our friendliest hello! You will see how a smile and a hello have, more than ever, a positive effect on those around you. As on the balconies in Italy, people have kept hope: "Our smile is a gift we give to others!"

The essential need to get some fresh air, move around and visit loved ones is paramount. Whether it's walking, biking, in a wheelchair, in a walker or simply swinging on a swing and listening to the birds. Every little breath of air lifts your spirits.

In my work, the daughter of a client confided in me: "I am losing my mother to the hospital! Before the holidays she was walking and working.

The hospitalization in February was going well. But since I could not be with her since March, due to government restrictions, I can no longer take care of my mother and she is dying!

When there is no hope, confined to bed, lacking exercise, lacking motivation and isolated from their loved ones, despite good medical care, the condition of the elderly deteriorates to the point of letting go and wishing death would take them.

To all those who have the opportunity to go for a walk outside, to watch the leaves grow on the trees, to marvel at the blooming of the May flowers, to smile at your neighbor or a stranger, spring is here and is waiting for you and your joy of finally living decontamination!

Although the fear of people still paralyzes the outdoor outings yet so beneficial for our seniors, it is high time to positively influence our environment by displaying our most radiant smile. Get out there! Respect the safety instructions, but spread your springtime cheer!

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