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The smile, like a breath of hope in spring!

The smile, like a breath of hope in spring!

With the current context, we realize that being deprived of the lower face has had a nostalgic effect on something we took for granted: * the smile *.

Darwin in 1872 estimated that by changing a facial expression, we also transform our mood. Skeptical? Place a pencil in your mouth, between your teeth and create a smile. This smile, although imposed, will deceive your mind by making it immediately more positive. How to explain this phenomenon? It is simple. Smiling stimulates the pleasure hormone while naturally causing a better overall mood. Smiling is actually more relaxing for your face than a neutral or negative expression since it involves the simultaneous work of 17 facial muscles.

Smiling is also a cheerleader, causing the other person to naturally empathize with you. In fact, the smile is a universal positive relational gateway. As a pandemic, the disappearance of this body language has forced us to invent new "synonyms" for this primordial element of body language. For example: we have resorted more than ever to a stream of friendly smiling emojis that we add at the end of a message to specify the bubbly tone of our missive.

So Huma is offering you a challenge! This spring, redouble your originality to show your best smile. Take the opportunity to say hello to everyone you meet. This will start a chain reaction of good moods and wonderful smiles all around you, and you'll get a fabulous dose of positive energy. Go ahead and have fun!

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